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by Joe Firmin                              1-Minute Read

Well, it’s a wrap. 2020 has come to a close.

While this year has had some serious challenges, it has also been extremely rewarding.

Some of the things Chris and I accomplished this year through our own portfolio and with True Freedom Capital:

  • Acquired 29 multifamily units
  • Underwrote over 120 deals
  • LOIs and Floated Price Verbal Offers = 50+
  • Negotiated deals with sellers
  • Walked away from MANY deals
  • Acquired 4 deals valued at ~$1.3 million 🤘
  • Made 2 trips to Watertown, NY 😱😷





  • Started TFC and https://www.truefreedomcapital.com/
  • Began to reach out to friends, family, coworkers, ex-coworkers, etc.
  • Started a biweekly email newsletter (if you’re not subscribed – SUBSCRIBE!)
  • Started posting to social media > 3x/week
  • Started writing a weekly blog – 43 blog posts in 2020.
  • Started and completed our first direct mail campaign with multifamily owners with a 25% response rate
  • Learned and/or improved in our knowledge of new software and technologies to grow the business such as WordPress (editing, building, blogging), Asana, Canva, ActiveCampaign, Buffer, Reonomy, Propertyware, Appfolio, Stessa
  • Grew in knowledge on underwriting details, what to look out for, who to call, how to find new information, hacks from other investors, the right questions to ask, etc.
  • Contacted hundreds of brokers, property managers and potential deal partners
  • Networked virtually
  • ETC!

Honestly, our goal was to get to 100 units this year, but that didn’t happen, and that’s OK… look above at everything else that did, despite COVID, job changes, moving family to a new city, no in-person networking, etc.

2021 will be epic. We hope you’ll continue to stay tuned and enjoy the ride with us!

And… As Always - If you are interested in passive real estate investment opportunities, join our Freedom Network. It’s absolutely free to join with no commitment necessary, seriously. If you don’t join, we won’t be able to send you opportunities (sorry, SEC rules). So join today!  Not sure how it will work? Check out this post to understand the logistics.

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