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by Joe Firmin                              2-Minute Read

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OK! I’ll get right to it, because you came here for the list – am I right? The list runs the gamut of fiction to non-fiction to spirituality. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments! – Enjoy!

#10 – Educated by Tara Westover

Shocking and emotional. This book was a page turner (despite the name). The story of how Tara overcame growing up in a family that did not believe in education in the wild mountains of Idaho as survivalists. Her story is one that begs the question - how much of our beliefs and upbringing are encouraging and helping us grow and what holds us back? Highly recommend the read. - Joe

#9 – Traction by Gino Workman

If you need a blueprint for running a successful business that makes progress and crushes goals - this, is it. I read this awhile back and re-read it recently. So good. Having learned Market Based Management at GP (Charles Koch's business philosophy), this has some of that, less philosophy, and principles as it has practical application of getting stuff done. The formats, the brass tacks of what needs to be done to get results. It hits all areas of business and I'd highly recommend it to any of my friends with their own business. - Joe


#8 – The Definitive Guide to Underwriting Multifamily – Rob Beardsley

Rob is probably the most skilled person I've seen in underwriting real estate, so when he came out with a book, I was ecstatic! I know this type of book might put some of you to sleep faster than an Ambien, but I love it. Rob unpacks various metrics like IRR and Cash on Cash, performing sensitivity analysis and how to use these metrics to assess the risk level of deals. It's a great read for anyone interested in investing in real estate (even passively) and he puts it all in layman's terms so it's easy to understand. - Chris


#7 – Grit by Angela Duckworth

We usually look at someone successful and think that they've just got the "it" factor. In this book, it goes into the data behind what truly creates that separation. It's not just talent but a pure blend of passion, persistence, and determination to achieve a singular goal that sets people apart in their chosen fields. To have the courage and perseverance to stand firm and tough it out, despite the obstacles. Sheer talent alone can get you so far, but what creates lasting success is the blend. - Joe

#6 – Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

All I have to say is WOW! Mind blown. I must admit I was skeptical digging into this after Joe's suggestion that we read it given some of the unconventional ideas it contains. Ever hear of the "pay yourself first" personal finance strategy? This has helped me, and countless others save enough to invest in real estate. The idea behind Profit First is the same, only applied to your business. When you put profit before expenses you control discretionary expenses. I'm also applying some of these techniques to my personal finances, like having multiple accounts. Check it out! – Joe & Chris

#5 – Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey

No, it's not deja vu. I took Joe's recommendation from a couple weeks ago and checked it out. Matthew McConaughey is a born entertainer and great storyteller. I caught myself chuckling out loud to some of his life experiences. He doesn't hold back or hide much from his life and since he narrates this himself I suggest the audio version. The main takeaway I got was that life's a journey full of green, red and yellow lights, each of which is important to become a better version of yourself. – Joe & Chris


#4 – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This book has been on my list for a loooonnng time. I kept pushing it down my list because I read another habit book that wasn't great... This one though - damn.... it is good. Great stories, really thoughtful teaching on the formation of habits and how they stick. How companies like Target and P&G use the power of habit forming in marketing was eye-opening 😯!  An enjoyable and educational read. Really wish I hadn't pushed it down so long ago. Definitely recommend reading!  - Joe


#3 – The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna & Michael Casey

When I want to learn about something I read a lot about it. This book was my 3rd on crypto in 2021 and it goes beyond just Bitcoin and explains the ecosystem of payments, the history, and the future of blockchain. While I'm super late to the game on this book (came out in 2015), I think it is very relevant and reaffirms my belief that the next 10 years will bring huge changes for the financial industry. Disrupted by the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This affects real estate investing and assets as well which is why I'm seeking to understand. Important stuff. - Joe


#2 – Get Your Life Back by John Eldridge

This book is about being present and how we utilize space in our lives, which is limited. We learn how to replace negative things that fill this space (social media, news, etc.) with positive things (God, family, health). Probably to your surprise it doesn't require some dramatic change in your life. I've already implemented daily habits John teaches and noticed a huge difference in my peace. Don't forget to check out John's One Minute Pause app! - Chris


#1 – Fortitude by Dan Crenshaw

I'll be honest, I didn't know who he was prior to ordering this book. A friend recommended it and I love getting book recos. Congressman Crenshaw, a former U.S. Navy Seal, addresses with candor, the outrage and cancel culture in America right now, divisive mob politics, and how an American spirit that was once strong, gritty and able to engage in dialogue is now unraveling. This discussion also moves into how we can overcome adversity, grow a pair, and become an American people that demonstrate fortitude. – Joe & Chris

That ‘s it. Just 10… Told you it was quick. I hope you enjoyed and DO ENJOY reading these recommendations!

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